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Conspiracies in the context of criminal law are an often misunderstood but actually quite simple form of offence. A conspiracy is an agreement between two or more people to carry out a criminal offence. This agreement is sufficient to constitute an offence, regardless of whether the substantive offence was committed or not. For example, if two people bought a van with the intention of kidnaping someone, but never effected the kidnapping, they would still be guilty of conspiracy to kidnap by buying a van for that purpose.

It should be noted that changing your mind and withdrawing from the plan will only go towards mitigating a sentence; one would still be guilty of the conspiracy. Conspiracies are treated very seriously and attract severe sentences. They can also be particularly challenging for the prosecution to prove because the substantive offence may never have been committed. The prosecution will usually have to show circumstantial evidence from which a jury can infer an agreement and knowledge between the defendants.

Lloyds PR Solicitors specialise in a variety of conspiracy offences. We are able to effectively advise and represent you from the pre-charge stage and throughout the prosecution. Please contact out Team for more information.