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Cash Seizures

Cash seizure leads to cash detention and a possible application to the Magistrates’ Court for cash seizure. 

At Lloyds PR Solicitors we can act in both instances.

Once cash is seized authorities can apply to the Magistrates’ Court for the money to be detained for up to two years or to be forfeited.  There is an onus on the individual to prove that the money did not come about as a result of criminal activity.

We understand that this type of situation is both stressful and often difficult to justify.

We are fearless in the pursuit of a just outcome and are often instructed to oppose cash detention orders and forfeiture orders.

The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 gives the powers to seize cash derived from or intended for use in crime, and to secure its forfeiture in magistrates' court proceedings.

No conviction is required for the forfeiture of the cash to be ordered; cash forfeiture proceedings are civil proceedings and the civil standard of proof applies.