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Youth Crime

At Lloyds PR Solicitors we often take on cases in the youth courts and represent young and vulnerable people at police stations.

We understand the dual aspect of facing allegations as a person under the age of 18 and our experts sensitive and personable which allows them to build rapport and be trusted.  On the other hand, we understand the severity of the situation and concern of parents and guardians and endeavour to engage with you as the parent in order that you are kept informed and have your questions answered.

Any charges, even if you are young when facing them, can have serious impact on your life and any future career.  It is best to seek legal advice as soon as possible and our experts are able to support you from the police station sage all the way to youth court if the case progresses.

Our experts regularly persuade the police to deal with cases by way of out of court disposal and in cases where allegation are more serious have also secured impressive outcomes in youth courts.  Our aim at Lloyds PR is to ensure that any false allegations mistakes or made as a youth have minimal, if any, impact on adult life.