We understand that affordability is a key concern of each client we meet. This is why we ensure that we offer clear advice about all costs involved in a case and all the funding options available. However a case is funded, we provide the same first class service to every person we represent.


We offer a free initial consultation for anyone seeking legal advice. We do not restrict our time to 10 or 15 minutes like some law firms. We want to find out what your objectives are and if we can meet them, and there is no time limit on this.


Many of our clients are entitled to public funding. This means that some or part of your case is funded by legal aid, a government fund. Legal aid is available for people of limited means and depending on the type of case, there may also be a merits test. The Legal Aid Agency administers this type of funding option. We will happily provide advice on whether someone qualifies for legal aid and we complete the application form on behalf of clients, to make life easier.


A large number of clients choose to pay us privately for the work we do. We offer reasonable rates and flexible funding packages depending on the needs of each individual client, from hourly rates – to overall fixed fees – to staggered fixed fees. We take great care when estimating costs, to ensure they are both low and realistic. We communicate this assessment at the outset of every case and we update it (as is necessary) as a case progresses. Please talk to us about how we can help.


In some cases, where a client has been successful, reasonable legal costs that have been incurred can be recovered from the other side. We can provide further advice on all funding options during your free initial consultation.