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The 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act places the controlled substances in the following categories: 

Class A drugs: Cocaine, ecstasy and heroine 

Class B drugs: Amphetamines, ketamin and Cannabis 

Class C drugs: Steroids and khat 

Under the 1971 Act the following behaviours are criminalised:

Possession of any of the above substances is an offence even if they are intended for personal use.  We are regularly instructed to represent those who are charged with being in possession of controlled substances. 

It is an offence to possess any of the above controlled substances with the intent to supply to another.  Our expertise in this area ranges from acting on behalf of those who are charged with supplying on small quantities to large conspiracies.  A conspiracy in this context is an agreement between more than one person to supply controlled substances.

We also act on behalf of those charged with cultivation and manufacturing of cannabis offences.