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At Lloyds PR Solicitors we represent request persons from EU countries and other jurisdictions. We have acted in many leading cases and successfully resisted extradition.

Extradition is the practice by which an individual is made the subject of a warrant from a requesting country.  A requesting country often seeks the return of an individual to face trial or serve a sentence.

We understand that these cases are never straightforward or clear cut.  Many people flee countries whose judicial system lacks the appropriate structure for human rights to be respected an upheld. We firmly believe that no individual should be sent to a country to serve a sentence or face trial if their human rights are at serious risk of being breached.

If you or your family are the subject of an extradition warrant it is very important that you seek advice and representation as soon as possible.  We regularly represent clients at first appearances where we successfully secure bail and have even pursued cases to the Supreme Court in order to ensure that individuals are not extradited.