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Lloyds PR Solicitors represented a defendant accused of being heavily involved in a conspiracy to traffic women from Romania to the UK to keep them in prostitution. It was alleged that the defendant was the Female Alpha in the conspiracy, the Madam of the brothels, and essential to its success. The prosecution case comprised many thousands of pages evidence. Further to this, the prosecution relied on months' worth of CCTV and surveillance outside the brothels, which required viewing, and instructions were taken on thousands of text messages and voice notes which were in Romanian. Thousands of pages of evidence continued to be served right up to, and during, the trial.

After several days of trial, all co-defendants except for our client decided to plead guilty. Representations were made by Lloyds PR Solicitors to the prosecution that it was not in the public interest to proceed against our client alone, despite her alleged important role. These representations were accepted, and no evidence was offered. The defendant was acquitted.

Lead solicitors in this matter were Harsha Rupasinghe (partner), Mohsin Ariff (solicitor) and Kate Coleman (solicitor).