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Between 2017 and 2022, Lloyds PR Solicitors represented the Money Laundering Officer of a financial services company, accused of having laundered £5.2m in funds on behalf of an organised criminal network. It was alleged that the financial services company did an unusual trade in Euro, considering its London location, and that therefore it had habitually been providing organised criminal gangs with ‘clean’ money as the quantities of cash being exchanged did not accord with the AML evidence on file. This necessitated the input of forensic accountants.

Two linked prosecutions (a drug dealing conspiracy and drug importation conspiracy) collapsed because we were able to exposed how improperly the case had been advanced by the prosecution. The defendant was acquitted, ending a case that had begun with his arrest over 4 years earlier.

Lead solicitors in this matter were Harsha Rupasinghe (partner), Mohsin Ariff (solicitor) and Kate Coleman (solicitor).