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Magistrates' Court

Once charges are authorised, all criminal cases begin at the Magistrates’ Court. 

If the offence you have committed is a summary only offence, like shoplifting, you will have a trial in the magistrates Court.  We have a dedicated Magistrates Court team who will work hard to ensure that you instruction are taken and you that your case well prepared.  We will also ensure that you are represented by an experience advocate at court.

If you are charged with an either way offence, like theft, you may elect the Crown Court for a trial.  We will advise you fully on the merits and demerits of any decision.  Many of our clients prefer to elect the Crown Court because they prefer to have a Jury in their case whilst others prefer to have a trial in the Magistrate’s Court because the pace at which things happen is much quicker.  

At every instance we will look at the individual aspects of each case and advise you on the best course of action.

There are also cases which could be tried in the Magistrate’s Court but for which the Court believes they have insufficient sentencing powers.  In these cases your matter will be sent to the Crown Court.

Similarly, there are cases of such severity, like murder and rape, which can only be dealt with in the Crown Courts.  Please review our Crown Court section for more information on how we deal with these types of cases.