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He has particular experience in criminal allegations


Lord Denning Scholar of Lincoln’s Inn 

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Robin studied Classics at the University of Cambridge.  He then studied the law conversion course (GDL) and the Bar Professional Training Course.


Robin is a barrister at Lloyds PR Solicitors. He has particular experience in criminal allegations, attempts by the state to seize or recover assets and civil/regulatory matters including contempt of court, alcohol licensing and disclosure and barring service issues.


Robin joined Lloyds PR in January 2018 and has worked on serious crime in the Crown Court as well as Civil applications in the criminal courts – such as cash forfeiture, confiscation, sexual risk orders and contempt of court.


Before joining Lloyds PR, Robin was a county court advocate, having completed the BPTC and GDL. Robin’s first degree was in Classics from the University of Cambridge.


Practice Areas

White Collar & Financial Crime

R v LM, St Albans Crown Court

Workplace fraud involving false ID documents. A community order was argued for and obtained.

R v JC, Southwark Crown Court

Conspiracy to defraud argued down to a theft by employee of significantly lower value.

R v VM & others, Kingston Crown Court

Case involving first defendant accused of fraudulent abuse of position.  Third party data was obtained from HMRC in order to undermine the credibility of the complainant employer

Regulatory Crime

R v P & a company, Uxbridge Magistrates Court

Case involving failure to pay HMRC bond.  Fine minimised to token level as Court was persuaded it was not a calculated breach.



R v AS, Reading Crown Court

Case of murder with missing body. Cell site data relied upon heavily by prosecution and interrogated thoroughly by defence. 

R v AT, St Albans Crown Court

Case of conspiracy to murder built on thousands of phone chat messages.


Serious Violence

R v RB, Luton Crown Court

Allegation of attempted murder with vehicle. Reduced down to reckless GBH.


R v C & others, Worcester Crown Court

Case involving accusation of conspiracy to commit GBH on a toddler with acid.

R v C & others, Cambridge Crown Court

An allegation of conspiracy to kidnap founded almost entirely on cell site evidence.  Lloyds PR took over representation after the start of trial after previous representation was forced to withdraw.


Human Trafficking, Slavery, Prostitution & Facilitation


Operation Huai, Westminster Magistrates’ Court 

Application for sexual trafficking risk order successfully resisted. Crown Court proceedings ongoing.


R v AM & others, Stafford Crown Court

Case of Modern Slavery offences.  Raises issues facing the travelling community. Successful submission of no case to answer at the conclusion of prosecution case.



Operation Venetic, Kingston Crown Court

Encrochat evidence used to accuse a person of multiple counts of drug importation. Raised issues of duress and modern slavery.


Operation Spoonbill, Teesside Crown Court

Case involving allegation of OCG membership with involvement in massive importation/supply of class A drugs.


R v AM & others, Southwark Crown Court

Case alleging “second-in-command” role in a commercial drugs distribution network.  Basis of plea negotiated limiting role and avoiding confiscation proceedings.


R v AC & others, Court of Appeal

Court of Appeal reduced sentence below 30 years to reflect that Defendant was not apex conspirator

Sexual Offences

R v JI, Snaresbrook Crown Court

Allegation of stranger rape. Thorough analysis of complainant’s records showed deep inconsistencies. Acquitted.


R v AMM, Luton Crown Court

Allegation of stranger rape.  Successfully advanced consent defence. 


R v DG, Lewes Crown Court

Allegations of stalking and sexual assault where complainant shown to be dishonest.  Acquitted on all counts. 


R v SO, St Albans Crown Court

Allegation of harassment. After inadequacies of investigation highlighted, prosecution offer no evidence.

Driving Offences

R v SE, St Albans Crown Court

Case of aggravated vehicle taking, failure to provide and no insurance. Statutory minimum disqualification ordered across all offences.


R v TD, Ealing Magistrates Court

Client found “drunk in charge”. Successful defence of not likely to drive advanced with expert evidence.


R v SS, Hendon Magistrates Court

Allegation of failure to provide. Crown offer no evidence following first hearing where legality of arrest questioned.

Confiscation, Cash Forfeiture and Cash Detention

R v a shop, Reading Crown Court

Confiscation negotiated down to exclude a significant percentage of turnover (~£500k).


R v MS, Southwark Crown Court

Enforcement of confiscation order internationally. Liaised with overseas lawyers to bring an end to default sentence.


Surrey Police v SA, Staines MC

Cash forfeiture – prejudicial interview and contentious drug swab evidence excluded

Civil Matetrs

A hotel v S, England and Wales High Court

Contempt of Court in intellectual property proceedings resisted.


Local Authority v a corner shop, Wandsworth Magistrates’ Court

Successful appeal against revocation of premises license.


Local Authority v C, G, C & B, High Court

Represented protestors against local authority in alleged contempt of High Court injunction.  This case is now the authority on the mental element of self-defence in such proceedings.


Practice Areas