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James O'Donnell is a senior solicitor with an enviable reputation for fearlessly representing clients

James O'Donnell is a senior solicitor with an enviable reputation for fearlessly representing clients at all levels in the criminal justice system since 2002. As a specialist criminal practitioner, his dedicated work is applauded by court staff, the prosecution and fellow defence colleges in London, Hertfordshire and surrounding Home Counties.

However, as a defence advocate, James’ most notable strength rests with his client care. Thanks to his experience and caring nature, James ensures he gets the best possible outcome for every client he represents. Fierce advocacy at all levels in a criminal matter ensures this Hertfordshire based advocate is in regular demand from clients up and down the county.

As for his speciality, James enjoys untangling complex fraud and multi-handed drug conspiracies at the Crown Court. The fearless challenges to the prosecution evidence with minute attention to detail ensure that the truth is established at the end of every trial. In addition to complex and serious cases, he relishes in representing underprivileged defendants at the magistrates’ court on a daily basis. In particular, he is respected by colleagues in the legal fraternity for his contribution to the youth justice system and helping young members of society to stay out of trouble

Practice Areas


R v SH, Inner London Crown Court

Represented a client tried for murder on 23 September 2019 in Southall, Middlesex. Detailed representations were made concerning CCTV, telephone and pathological evidence.

Theft, Burglary & Robbery

R v PN, St Albans Magistrates’ Court

A matter in Warrington Magistrates’ Court was transferred to St Alban's concerning the theft of high-value items.


R v MM, Woolwich Crown Court

A case concerning the supply of Class A drugs where the Crown alleged that the defendant involved in what is known as a ‘County Line’ drug network. The allegation was that the drugs were being supplied in Maidstone, Kent to other surrounding counties. After meticulous preparation followed by a lengthy trial and retrial, the Crown offered no evidence against M on Counts 5, 6. 8, 9 and 10. Formal verdicts of not guilty were entered to formally recognise the defendant’s innocence.


Operation Orochi, Norwich Crown Court

A complex class A drug trafficking conspiracy investigated jointly by the MET and Norfolk Constabulary since 2018. The primary allegations are that HN and others conspired to supply heroin, cocaine and other controlled substances contrary to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

Driving Offences

R v JM, Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court

Multiple driving offences alleged to have committed in 2019. Successful representations and mitigation made to achieve a good outcome for the client.



MB v Lithuania, High Court of Justice

A European Arrest Warrant issued by Lithuania was contested at the magistrates’ court and then later appealed to the High Court.


Practice Areas