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Oliver’s primary practice as a solicitor focuses around Crown Court litigation

Oliver has practiced as a Solicitor both in London and the North East of England.

Oliver has experience in dealing with criminal offences across the spectrum. Oliver’s primary practice as a solicitor focuses around Crown Court litigation. He regularly acts for clients charged with serious assaults, drugs supply offences, firearms matters, serious sexual assaults and human trafficking. 

In addition to his wide-ranging practice in Crown Court litigation, Oliver also maintains a thriving magistrates court practice and regularly secures impressive outcomes for clients who have been charged with a range of offences including but not limited to road traffic offences, drink driving, harassment, domestic violence and drugs offences. He is an experienced magistrates court advocate who regularly cross examines complainants and witnesses in the most sensitive of cases.   

Oliver also regularly attends police stations across London and the South East to represent his clients detained in police custody upon request. 

Practice Areas


R v MM, Central Criminal Court  


Mother charged with murdering her own daughter sentenced to five years imprisonment for Manslaughter on the basis of a successful defence of Diminished Responsibility. 



R v WB & Others, Truro Crown Court  


Attempted Murder, Client acquitted. 


R v KE, St Albans Crown Court 


Defendant charged with possession of a firearm contrary to s5 of the firearms act; “mandatory sentence” is one of five years minimum. Defendant receives three month community order following service of defence expert evidence which substantiated defence case that firearm did not fall within remit of the act. 

Serious Violence

R v EC, Isleworth Crown Court  


S.18 Grievous Bodily Harm & Class A Drug Supply. 


R v BD, St Albans Crown Court  


S.18 Grievous Bodily Harm involving youth defendant with autism. Crown agree to discontinue case prior to trial following defence representations. 


R v GH & Others, Birmingham Crown Court   


Multi Handed conspiracy to commit s18 Grievous Bodily Harm. 


R v OG, St Albans Crown Court  


Assisting an offender in respect of a conspiracy to commit s18 Grievous Bodily Harm – case dismissed prior to trial following submission of defence representations. 


Human Trafficking, Slavery, Prostitution & Facilitation

R v ES, Nottingham Crown Court  


Human Trafficking. 


R v IG, Ipswich Crown Court 


Multi Handed Class B Drugs Conspiracy and Human Trafficking. 

Theft, Burglary & Robbery

R v MC, Preston Crown Court  


Multi Handed conspiracy to steal and burgle involving multiple ‘smash and grab’ thefts across the north of England. 


R v CR & Others, Harrow Crown Court  

Unanimous acquittal on million-pound drug supply conspiracy. 


R v FA, Inner London Crown Court  

Client charged with Class A Drug Supply. Client stopped in vehicle by attending officers along with significant amounts of cocaine and mobile phone handsets containing incriminating material. Client pleads guilty subject to a basis of plea. Judge finds in client’s favour and client is given a non-custodial sentence. 


R v LC, Isleworth Crown Court  

Multi-handed Conspiracy to Supply Class A Drugs with issues involving modern slavery and county lines. Client convicted of “third strike” drug trafficking offence but Judge persuaded to pass a lower sentence than the “mandatory minimum” for such offenders in view of the evidence and mitigating factors which were presented to the court during trial. 

Practice Areas