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Built a solid practice in legally aided lower crime work






Accredited Supervisor 

CLAS Magistrates Court Qualification, Cardiff University 

Police Station Accreditation, Cardiff University 

LPC, University of Law – Leeds 

Diploma in Commercial Arbitration, The Institute for the Development of Commercial Law and Practice – Sri Lanka 

LLM in International Law, University of Hertfordshire 

LLB (Hons.) University of Hertfordshire 

As a solicitor admitted to the roll in 2019 Nyara has steadily built a solid practice in legally aided lower crime work.

Nyara spearheads a team of five enthusiastic paralegals in the magistrates’ court and police station departments in Lloyds PR Solicitors. Some of her daily criminal defence work involves vulnerable individuals accused of committing drugs offences, youth suspects and marginalised members of society. Furthering this objective, she fearlessly unravels minute details of youth drugs cases where the defence of duress under the National Referral Mechanism may be available. In addition, she has an unremitting strive to make a difference in the front line of the criminal justice system. She takes a keen interest in dishonesty, driving offences and sexual offences. 


As a Legal Aid Agency accredited supervisor, Nyara oversees magistrates’ court and police station matters of the firm. Due to her sharp thinking and quick decision-making skills, Nyara has become Lloyds PR’s “go-to” person when it comes to the firm’s day-to-day operations. Her personality has primarily been moulded by her devotion to youth justice which generates a “can do” attitude. This in turn compliments the type of practice she has gradually built over the years involving some of the most vulnerable individuals in our society. 


Representing clients at the police station or court and assertively furthering their interests with the authorities is what defines her. During her stay at Lloyds PR, she has conducted over 800 cases. She has successfully assessed each client’s account, built a good rapport, especially those cases labelled as a ‘dead end’ by her peers. She has left no stone unturned to put forward and built a strong defence at the trial stage when executing magistrates court preparation. She is also defined by her personable approach and described by her superiors as “exceptional talent”. 


The firm’s magistrates court and police station departments revolve around her instructions and entrusted leadership. Her contribution to the firm is demonstrated by her loyalty to the clients she advises. Her robust approach in challenging the front-line authorities of the criminal justice system is sharpened by her inherent ability to identify weaknesses and inconsistencies in the Crown’s case. Be it at a police station interview or bail hearing at the magistrates’ court, such skills are utilised to ensure that each case is worth fighting for based on its merits.

Practice Areas

Serious Violence

Nyara has dealt with a variety of offences against persons case from basic common assault, ABH, leading up to GBH. The offences she has dealt with overlaps with that of public order offences were the cases weave through complex racially aggravated elements. Her tireless efforts on representing clients has resulted in no evidence offered, case discontinued after making representations to the Crown on legal arguments , public interest, service of defence medical status has led to the Crown to further review the charges against her clients.

Theft, Burglary & Robbery

Nyara has represented predominantly youth in this category. The below are cases where she was able to prepare chronologies of the sequences of events outlining the inconsistencies in the Crown’s case. She was able to exclude the account given by the clients prior to arrest challenging under PACE. Further, during trial preparation she was also successful in proving that the elements cannot be satisfied as there was no force used in order to steal the property, leading to the Crown reviewing their case and offering no evidence.


The predominant focus of Nyara’s practice lies in drug offences, ranging from representing clients who are charged with simple possession of Class A and B to concerned in the supply of drugs. She has represented clients who defences are not clear to the naked eye. Her recent attempts to secure acquittals are following up on positive responses from the national referral mechanism, and thereafter instructing a defence expert to provide a professional opinion on the NRM decision, strengthening the defence case. This has led to number of acquittals.

Sexual Offences

Nyara carries out a more meticulous and detailed approach to analyse the evidence in sexual offences. This is where she developed a specialised knowledge to challenge the Crown’s witnesses on their statements, alongside the circumstantial evidence the Crown would rely upon. She was able to prepare the defence cases with supporting evidence that best caters the client’s versions of evens

Driving Offences

In the recent two years Nyara’s practice has been broadly focused on to motor traffic offences. Nyara is known for dissecting and taking clear instructions at its earliest stage as this can have a significant impact on the chances of success at trial. She has represented clients, putting forward both a defence in law, as well as the statutory defences. She is fully engaged and set out clear requirements to experts who provides reports on the defence case. Listed below are cases where her expertise in representing clients on failure to provide, breath and/or blood samples, drunk and charge/drink drive, driving whilst disqualified can be illustrated.

Practice Areas