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Subashini is a member of the Serious and Complex Crime Team





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First Class Honours in Law LLB from the University of Kent

Subashini is a member of the Serious and Complex Crime Team overseen by Harsha Rupasinghe (Partner) and Mohsin Ariff (Solicitor). She has insight and conduct over cases involving the instruction of QC and Junior.

Subashini is also a fully accredited Duty Solicitor at Lloyds PR Solicitors. 

Prior to joining Lloyds PR, Subashini gained substantial experience including working at a leading human rights law firm and in practice areas across immigration, family and housing law. She has worked on cases at all levels, including at the European Court of Human Rights. From her experience, Subashini has developed the knowledge and expertise to assist clients in identifying and finding solutions to secondary legal problems. Subashini trained as a solicitor at Lloyds PR Solicitors, qualifying in 2019.


During her career at Lloyds PR, Subashini has litigated against the Crown Prosecution Service, Local Authorities, the Post Office and DVLA.

Practice Areas

White Collar & Financial Crime

Operation Gizmo

Represented a businessman who was convicted of fraudulent tax evasion.


R v OO, St Albans Crown Court

Acquittal on a counterfeit currency matter.


R v CN, Croydon Crown Court

Represented a client involved in a multinational money laundering scheme involving the movement of money to UAE.


R v LB, Southwark Crown Court

Represented a courier of an MSB Money laundering scheme at Southwark Crown Court.


R v AK, Central Criminal Crown Court 

securing an acquittal for our client who faced an allegation of murder.


R v MA, Woolwich Crown Court 

securing an acquittal for our client who faced an allegation of murder. 


Operation Pochade, St Albans Crown Court

We represent the lead individual on the indictment accused of murder and manslaughter.  

This is a complex matter given the number of defendants, as well as the unusual facts. Our client and his co-defendants are linked to the death of an individual who was found bound and duct-taped in his home. Neighbours to the flat describe hearing sounds equivalent to a party and rough sex taking place. The evidence relied on at the early stages of the case includes, CCTV, cell site and intelligence.  

Theft, Burglary & Robbery

Operation Remmington, Harrow Crown Court

Client was accused of dwelling burglaries along with three others. An argument was successfully made that our client had no case to answer.


Operation Fulford, Snaresbrook Crown Court

We represent an individual with substantive ties to a European-wide OCG of conspiracy to commit burglary of jewellery and diamond shops in London. 


Operation Longtail, Birmingham Crown Court

We represented an individual accused of conspiracy to commit burglary and conspiracy to commit armed robbery. Our client and his co-Defendants were linked to 25 different robberies throughout West Midlands of convenience stores and business addresses for cars, ATM cashpoint machines as well as cash.


Operation Orochi, Ipswich Crown Court

We represented a 15-year-old youth accused of involvement in high-volume drug supply through a county line between Colchester and London as well as leading a county line in Chertsey.   

The defendant relied on the defence under s.45 Modern Slavery Act. Two days before trial exculpatory evidence in police possession was exposed. These were over 100 documents yet undisclosed. The prosecution offered no evidence and the defendant was acquitted.  


Operation Boreas, Birmingham Crown Court

We represented a young father who was in a 182-day, 14-hander trial at Birmingham Crown Court.

He was apparently the joint head of an alleged Organised Crime Group accused of involvement in high-volume drug supply and extreme violence, as indicated by the discovery of firearms and ammunition over several months.  

During the trial, we successfully argued against the inclusion of damaging last-minute evidence of a shooting.  

The defendant was acquitted, save for conspiracy to supply Class B (cannabis) to which our client had pleaded at the outset. 

Sexual Offences

R v GA, Isleworth Crown Court

GA faced an indictment containing two counts: Rape and False imprisonment alleged to have occurred on 26 May 2012.


R v KP, Isleworth Crown Court

Acquittal of a client accused of sexual assault.


R v MM, Oxford Crown Court

Represented a client accused of four counts of sexual assault. He was found not guilty in respect of three counts.


R v MHMB, Isleworth Crown Court

Assisting Mohsin Ariff in an allegation of Rape, where there was overwhelming evidence. Initially, the verdict was a hung jury, however after re-trial the Defendant was convicted at Isleworth Crown Court.

Confiscation, Cash Forfeiture and Cash Detention

Operation Divermount, Leeds Crown Court

Represented ‘The General’, the mastermind behind a gang who carried out high value jewellery robberies across Europe. Obtained a nominal confiscation order.


Operation Fulford, Southwark Crown Court

This case relies on intelligence from other operations including Operation Babul and Operation Archer. These were intelligence led investigations against an Organised Crime Group that were producing forged/ counterfeit documents and facilitating people unlawfully into the United Kingdom and European states. This involved a challenge over the assumption of criminal lifestyle, based on consideration of high value luxury items seized by the police as criminal property.  


R v HS, Southwark Crown Court

Representing the Defendant in the POCA aspect of his case after his conviction. He was also represented by Mohsin Ariff of this firm in his substantial case.


R v RC, Kingston Crown Court

representing the Defendant in the POCA aspect of his case after his guilty plea. This involved assessing the value of the drugs and challenging the Crown’s case at Kingston Crown Court.


Practice Areas