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A duty solicitor with an illustrious career spanning 17 years






2008 – Admitted to the Roll

2009 – Police Station Accreditation, University of Cardiff

2010 – Duty Solicitor Qualification

A duty solicitor with an illustrious career spanning 17 years, Nadeem is highly sought after for exceptional client care and a brilliant command of criminal law. His work at all levels of the criminal justice process is well respected in the areas of Hertfordshire, Thames Valley and Greater London. In particular, his reputation spans for defending some of Britain’s most serious cases involving complex legal and evidential facets. Nadeem’s practice is exclusively criminal defence. From the initial police station representation to a full-fledged jury trial at the Crown Court, he fearlessly makes robust representations to achieve the best possible outcome for his client.

There is a shared sentiment amongst fellow duty solicitors that ‘when Nadeem shakes a client’s hand, they will want him until the very end’. With resilient client care, the Hertfordshire based lawyer fights for people alleged with fraud, money laundering, serious sexual offences, drug-related offences and cybercrime.

Nadeem bears a strong work etiquette, which is sincere and based on excellent care for every defendant. His vast and trusted client base has been built through representations made in high profile cases at all levels of the justice process. And his reputation, which voices the outstanding results achieved at the conclusion of the case, serves as a testament to the dedication, client care and command of the law and criminal justice system. When required, he is a forceful defence solicitor but is equally at ease when dealing with vulnerable and juvenile clients. He can analyse complex and extensive evidence related to grave offences to get to the heart of the matter and put forward a defence leaving no stones unturned.

His clients are well engaged and never hesitate to follow his expert advice throughout the case. Nadeem dissects complicated evidence into an easy-to-understand format for his clients whilst fearlessly advancing their interests before the authorities.

Practice Areas

White Collar & Financial Crime

Nadeem’s attention to detail and expertise in understanding the complexities involved in money laundering has earned him a high reputation in proceeds of crime matters. His ability to understand the parties’ needs instantly and prescribe the right course of action at the earliest stage secures a highly satisfactory result at the conclusion of the case. Since money laundering offences extend beyond a standard financial fraud, his innate ability to avoid adverse consequences applicable under the legislation is a valuable skill.


Nadeem continues to be a voice for individuals who have been alleged with the most serious offences. Every case is unique, and the examples listed below have been dealt with to get the best outcome for the client. Evidence relating to violent altercations, forensic pathology and the use of bladed articles during an attack require sharp thinking and attention to detail. Nadeem’s continuous strive to achieve the best outcome for his client has been the key to his high success rate


Running a successful defence for some of the most vulnerable individuals in our society requires patience and extensive legal knowledge. Nadeem undertakes a thorough analysis of evidence in drug cases whilst explaining the procedure to the client in plain English. Most drug offences involve analysing various pieces of complex evidence.

With care and understanding, Nadeem dissects CCTV, forensics reports, ANPR evidence and telephone data.

Sexual Offences

The following matters illustrate the tireless work Nadeem has done on grave sexual offences. As an experienced solicitor, he explores the evidence against the defendant whilst understanding the devastating impact on them, their wider family, reputation and their very livelihoods. Listed below are a few cases where a comprehensive analysis was done on the complainant’s account, identifying the weaknesses and the inconsistencies. Further, robust defence strategies were used to make strong representations at the earliest opportunity.

Driving Offences

Although regarded as a ‘minor’ offence by many, Nadeem understands the adverse implications on one’s life when faced with a driving conviction. That is why he always plainly lay out the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution’s case at the first instance. This allows his clients to make an informed decision and take the best course of action with their case. Nadeem’s expertise is not limited to motoring offences. It extends to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, offences involving death and disqualified driving. With extensive years of road traffic defence work, he has successfully represented countless clients alleged with driving offences.


The ideal goal is to achieve an acquittal wherever possible. Nadeem’s expertise has enabled his clients to challenge the evidence on the aggressiveness of driving, road conditions, and whether there was deliberate disregard to road signs. These are some of the intriguing skills Nadeem possess when dealing with motoring offences

Practice Areas