Stephen joined Lloyds PR Solicitors in January 2014.

Working primarily within the confiscation department with an increasing Crown Court workload, Stephen has developed an expertise in all matters relating to serious fraud and large-scale drug offences, while also dealing with appeals against the decisions of public bodies, including the National Crime Agency and Disclosure and Barring Service, with a growing practice also within extradition.  

Stephen has a variety of experience dealing assertively with the police, both during client interviews at police stations, and in order to obtain variations of restraint orders and the release of seized property.

Stephen has a wealth of experience representing with sensitivity some of the most vulnerable members of society. Prior to joining Lloyds PR Solicitors Stephen worked for Amnesty International and the Cambodian Centre for Human Rights in South-East Asia, where he worked with communities in the region suffering as a result of crimes committed by multi-national corporate actors.

Whilst at university Stephen was a Student Advisor at the University of Bristol Law Clinic where he worked on complex financial and housing matters, as well as volunteering with Right to Remain, an immigration and asylum NGO.




  • R (respondent) v S (appellant), Royal Courts of Justice

Appeal against a Crown Court decision to implement a Serious Crime Prevention Order, heard at the High Court.



  • R v J, Kingston Crown Court

Attempted murder – gang related.

  • R v S, St Albans Crown Court

Conspiracy to burgle  

  • R v M, St Albans Crown Court

Conspiracy to steal

  • R v E, St Albans Crown Court

Theft from employers and money laundering 



  • R v M, Chelmsford Crown Court

Complex, six-handed conspiracy to steal across a wide indictment period

  • R v S, St Albans Crown Court

Conspiracy to burgle   

  • R v M, St Albans Crown Court

Conspiracy to steal

  • R v E, St Albans Crown Court

Theft from employers and money laundering 



  • R v D, Cambridge Crown Court

Conspiracy to defraud using social networks and online auctioneers 



  • R v T, Canterbury Crown Court

Conspiracy to breach immigration law, with initial benefit figure placed at £4.7 million.

  • R v W, Bristol Crown Court

Major credit card fraud.

  • R v R, St Albans Crown Court

Major benefit fraud.

  • R v I, Guildford Crown Court

Cultivation of cannabis with an initial £3.2 million benefit figure, with an application by the Crown for a section 22 uplift to the defendant’s available amount figure.

  • R v F, Chester Crown Court

Conspiracy to steal spanning numerous occasions and a 6 year time span.

  • R v M, Maidstone Crown Court

Possession with intent to supply large quantities of cocaine.

  • R v S, R v M, Southwark Crown Court

Multi-handed possession with intent to supply case, with initial benefit figure of £600,000.

  • R v A, Central Criminal Court

Serious fraud involving the use of Trojan malware.

  • R v C, Taunton Crown Court

Acquisition of criminal property with the use of “skimming” devices.

  • R v C, St Albans Crown Court

Money laundering of proceeds derived from international fraud.

  • R v N, Croydon Crown Court

Money laundering of proceeds gained from fraudulent online advertisements.

  • R v S, Harrow Crown Court

Possession with intent to supply Class A drug on a large scale.



  • R v S, Westminster Magistrates’ Court



  • LPC, BPP University – Distinction
  • University of Bristol – MA Law
  • University of York – BA (hons) Philosophy and English



  • The Law Society
  • Young Legal Aid Lawyers
  • Amnesty International
  • Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights



T: 0208 963 1050

F: 0208 963 1975