Motoring Offences: Our Fees


We are always happy to discuss legal aid as an option to fund your legal representation. However, for motoring offences it is unlikely that you will receive legal aid as they are usually “summary only” offences, heard only in the magistrates’ court. These offences include:


Driving a vehicle whilst over the prescribed limit for alcohol

Failing to provide a specimen

Failing to stop after an accident

Failing to report

Careless driving


Driving without insurance

Driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence


Our hourly rates for representation in motoring offence cases are as follows:


Solicitor (8 years PQE)                    £300 + VAT               

Solicitor (4 years PQE)                    £240 + VAT                              

Solicitor (up to 4 years PQE)           £170 + VAT                           

Trainee/Caseworker                       £125 + VAT                         


The above rates serve as an indication of our fees. However, for less complex cases we may be able to consider a fixed-fee arrangement. This is on the assumption that the prosecution evidence does not exceed 50 pages. The fixed-fee estimate will be based on one solicitor and one caseworker working on your case and does not include your barrister’s fees or other disbursements, including the instruction experts or translations.


Typical fixed-fee arrangements include the following:

  1. Guilty plea with one hearing: £400 + VAT + disbursements (including medical reports)
  2. Guilty plea with more than one hearing: £400 + VAT  for the first hearing, £250 + VAT for each additional hearing + disbursements (including medical reports)
  3. Trial: £2500 + VAT + disbursement costs (including experts, counsel, interpreters, translators, doctors and other  medical practitioners)


Please get in touch with us at and we will be happy to discuss your motoring offence case.


Road Traffic Offences: Our Expertise 


Our aim with each case is to avoid disqualification and penalty points – and we have an exceptionally high success rate.

We understand that a driving licence is a vital aspect of daily life, whether it is for commuting or transporting our children.

It is important therefore that you choose the best lawyers. We are specialists in driving offences and will fight fearlessly to keep you on the road. We provide both the litigation and advocacy in-house, and each case has a team of lawyers working on it. Our approach is to unpick every aspect (legal and factual) of the prosecution’s case to win your case.

Our extensive experience includes the following areas:

  • Speeding
  • Drink driving offences
  • Causing death by dangerous driving
  • Dangerous driving/driving without due care
  • Driving without insurance/licence
  • Driving whilst disqualified
  • Loss of licence due to old age/medical condition
  • Tachometer offences
  • Driving using a foreign licence
  • Totting up
  • Special reasons not to disqualify
  • Excess speed on a motorway
  • Touting for hire
  • HGV, tachograph and overloading offences
  • Applications to have licence restored
  • Disqualification for health reasons

We can represent clients anywhere in England and Wales.

We encourage clients to contact us as early as possible for assistance in road traffic cases, as this is often an advantage. If you think we can help you, or someone you know, please contact us on 0208 963 1050 or


Our recent cases include:

  • R v F, Snaresbrook Crown Court

Allegation of intentional dangerous driving. Four day trial where Jay made a successful half time submission

  • R v D, Snaresbrook Crown Court

Death by dangerous driving

  • R v B, St Albans Crown Court

Death by dangerous driving

  • R v K, Wood Green Crown Court

 Death by dangerous driving

  • R v K, Isleworth Crown Court

Causing serious injury by dangerous driving

  • R v C, Isleworth Crown Court

Dangerous driving

  • R v A, Harrow Crown Court

Possession of a fake driving licence with the intention of using it

  • R v S, Willesden Magistrates’ Court

Driving under the influence of alcohol

  • R v T, Willesden Magistrates’ Court

Driving with the use of a mobile phone