Solicitor (Partner)


Prasad was admitted to the Roll of Solicitors In March 1996. Throughout his career, Prasad has specialised in criminal defence, working for a number of successful high-street practices before becoming a partner at Lloyds PR Solicitors in February of 2006. As partner Prasad heads up the magistrates’ court department as well as being a supervisor for VHCC panel. He has been a court and police station duty solicitor for over ten years, described by Legal 500 as being a practitioner “who is particularly rated for his police station work.”

Prasad is an experienced criminal litigator who also appears regularly for clients charged with serious offences at the police station and magistrates’ stage, continuing to supervise the conduct of such cases as they progress through the higher courts.

Prasad has had conduct over a number of high profile investigations prosecuted by agencies such as the National Crime Agency (‘NCA’), the Serious Fraud Office (‘SFO’), HM Revenue and Customs (‘HMRC’), the Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’) as well as the various branches of the Crown Prosecution Service.

Most recently Prasad has been consulted by and given advice to the BBC in respect of the various stages of the criminal justice system and in particular, the admissibility of evidence.



  • R v BILES, Blackfriars Crown Court 

Conspiracy to supply class A drugs

  • R v TEREZIU, Ipswich Crown Court

Importation of class A drugs

  • R v NASH, Kingston Crown Court

Importation of class A drugs

  • R v HUSSAIN, St Albans Crown Court

Importation of class A drugs

  • R v SHARIF, St Albans Crown Court

Possession of class B with intent to supply

  • R v HADDAG, Southwark Crown Court

Conspiracy to convert criminal property

  • R v YAZADANI, Exeter Crown Court

Money laundering

  • R v CROSSFIELD, Leicester Crown Court

Long firm fraud

  • R v THANABALASINGHAM, Portsmouth Crown Court


  • R v VIVEKANANTHAN, Woolwich Crown Court

Rape of a minor

  • R v McCLOUD, St Albans Crown Court

Rape of a minor in India

  • R v CHOUDHURY, St Albans Crown Court


  • R v VALE, Isleworth Crown Court


  • R v KANDASAMY, Kingston Crown Court


  • R v SZABOVA, Guildhall Middlesex Crown Court

Human trafficking and prostitution


Prasad is an accredited police station representative and a Magistrate’s Court duty solicitor. Prasad is fluent in speaking Sinhalese



T: 0208 963 1050

F: 0208 963 1975