Manoj is experienced senior counsel who regularly appears in complex crown court cases involving murder, serious fraud, money laundering, drug offences and allegations of serious violence.

Following his call to the bar in 2001, Manoj practiced at 1 Mitre Court Buildings, the chambers of Lord Gifford QC, before joining Lloyds PR Solicitors in May 2009 and becoming a partner shortly thereafter in 2010.

Described in Legal 500 as having a “first class legal brain” Manoj heads up the advocacy department whilst also being responsible for the day to day running, growth and development of the firm.
Manoj has been instructed counsel in a number of the UK’s most high profile investigations prosecuted by agencies such as Interpol, the US Secret Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (‘FBI’), the National Crime Agency (‘NCA’), the Serious Fraud Office (‘SFO’), HM Revenue and Customs (‘HMRC’), the Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’) as well as the various branches of the Crown Prosecution Service.
Manoj has acted himself as junior counsel in a number of those high profile investigations, including the reported case of R v Bucknor [2010] EWCA Crim 1152; a landmark ruling concerning the correct approach to the admissibility of evidence from social networking sites. He has particular expertise in dealing with large, multifaceted frauds, acting as junior counsel in R v Abbas; one of the largest MHRA prosecutions concerning a multi-million pound global conspiracy to distribute counterfeit pharmaceuticals and R v Subramaniam; a multi-million pound worldwide cyber fraud carried out through the notorious ‘DarkMarket’ website resulting in a joint investigation by SOCA, the FBI and the US Secret Service.
Most recently Manoj has been advising the BBC in respect of the various stages of the criminal justice system and in particular, the admissibility of evidence.




  • R v SA, Central Criminal Court (Murder)

Stabbing in the streets.

  • R v BUCKNOR, Central Criminal Court (Murder)
Drive-by shooting
  • R v DHAQUANE, Central Criminal Court (Murder)
  • R v PHAM, Central Criminal Court (Murder)
Victim was kidnapped and tortured to death by a drugs gang.
  • R v SINGH, Central Criminal Court (Murder)
Honour killing.
  • R v JACHIMOWICH, St Albans Crown Court (Murder)
Defendant accused of killing father and burying body in garden. Acquitted of murder and manslaughter.
  • R v OA, Central Criminal Court (Murder)



  • R v F, Birmingham Crown Court


  • R v RV, Cambridge Crown Court


  • R v CS, St Albans Crown Court


  • R v JV, Central Criminal Court


  • R v KUCI, Central Criminal Court

Conspiracy to murder attack carried out by throwing acid in an honour-based revenged attack.



  • R v SS, Central Criminal Court 

Violent disorder

  • R v NS, Manchester Crown Court 

Violent disorder

  • R v OSUNDE, St Albans Crown Court 

S18 - Grievous bodily harm

  • R v RICHARDS, St Albans Crown Court

Armed robbery



  • R v NGUEYEN, Snaresbrook Crown Court (Conspiracy to supply cannabis)

Large scale conspiracy to cultivate cannabis through numerous cannabis factories in East London.

  • R v KHAN, Kingston Crown Court (Police corruption, misconduct in public office and conspiracy supply class A drugs)

This case involved extensive covert surveillance evidence.

  • R v OTUGADE, St Albans Crown Court (Conspiracy to supply class A drugs)

Undercover test purchase operation  

  • R v BLAZE, Kingston Crown Court (Conspiracy to supply class A drugs)

Undercover test purchase operation 



  • R v ABBAS

Multi-million pound global conspiracy to distribute counterfeit pharmaceuticals. One of the largest MHRA prosecutions and a Very High Cost Case.


Fraud involving over a million pounds of counterfeit designer clothes.


"Boiler room" fraud. Involved the dishonest sale of company shares to UK investors by an offshore brokerage. Extent of fraud - £4,000,000.

  • R v SUBRAMANIAM (Cyber fraud)

Multi-million pound fraud carried out worldwide through notorious “Dark Market” website. Joint investigation by SOCA, FBI and US Secret Service.

  • R v ARACHCHI (Money laundering)

£69,000,000 money laundering through money-exchange bureau.

  • R v MILKA, Croydon Crown Court (Cyber fraud)

£44,000,000 banking fraud. Investigated by FBI and SOCA. Very High Cost Case.

  • R v M, Blackfriars Crown Court 

(Money laundering & handling stolen goods)

  • R v Busawa, Isleworth Crown Court (Money laundering)

£500,000 fraud from E-Bay

  • R v A, Southwark Crown Court (Conspiracy to defraud)

Multi-million pound credit card fraud.

  • R v MAGDICI, Southwark Crown Court (Conspiracy to defraud)

£400,000 fraud from employer.

  • R v TJ, Bournemouth Crown Court (Conspiracy to defraud)

A million pound credit card fraud.  



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