As a solicitor Ieva deals with Crown Court cases of various sizes and complexity. The cases range from theft, burglary, robbery, grievous bodily harm, murder, sexual offences, conspiracies and serious fraud offences. Ieva also deals with high cost magistrates’ court cases from an assault to fraud to traffic offences. Whilst at Lloyds PR Solicitors, she has successfully attained acquittals in many of her cases. In addition, Ieva assists clients in resisting extradition attempts, including extradition appeals to the High Court.

Ieva is an accredited police station representative who regularly attends police stations to advise clients on an array of offences. She also assists a partner in supervising the Police Station Department at the firm.

Ieva moved to the UK from Lithuania in 2002. She is fluent in the Lithuanian language and has basic skills in Russian. Due to her bilingual skills she has been able to develop a strong Lithuanian client base.

Ieva joined Lloyds PR Solicitors in August 2011 and qualified as a solicitor in November 2013.

Since qualifying, Ieva regularly attends the Magistrates’ Court to represent clients.




  • R v G (2013) Wood Green Crown Court

Three individuals alleged to have money laundered the proceeds from the supply of drugs

  • R v C (2013) Blackfriars Crown Court

Client accused of being involved in a complex operation that involved fraudulent manufacture of rail tickets with a loss to Transport for London of £360,000

  • Operation Opaque & Rome (2012) Central Criminal Court

A £150 million drugs conspiracy investigated by SOCA and Dutch authorities and prosecuted by the CPS



  • R v H (2013) Central Criminal Court

Client and four others accused of two attempted murders, wounding with intent and possession of fire arms with intent

  • R v H (2012) Central Criminal Court

Client along with five others accused of murder in a gang related incident

  • R v V (2012) Cambridge Crown Court

Client accused of kidnaping and hiding the body after carrying out a murder



  • R v P (2013) Harrow Crown Court

Sexual abuse of a vulnerable patient

  • R v M (2013) Snaresbrook Crown Court

Allegation of running a brothel



  • R v M (2013) Snaresbrook Crown Court

Three members of family accused of grievous bodily harm with intent and violent disorder for injuries caused during a large fight at a pub

  • R v R (2013) Inner London Crown Court

Accusation of grievous bodily harm with intent and robbery

  • R v T (2013) Harrow Crown Court

Cultivation of cannabis



  • R v C (2013) Oxford Crown Court

Conspiracy to commit 10 dwelling burglaries

  • R v D (2012) Central Criminal Courts

Client accused of aggravated burglary and perverting the course of justice in a gang related incident



  • R v M (2013) St Albans Magistrates Court

Client accused of 15 counts of criminal damage

  • R v A (2013) Highbury Corner Magistrates Court

Domestic assault case

  • R v B (2013) St Albans Magistrates Court

Client charged with 6 counts of using threatening words / behaviour against police officers

  • R v J (2013) St Albans Magistrates Court

Theft from employer

  • R v D (2012) Watford Magistrates Court

Possession of class B drugs

  • R v A (2012) Westminster Magistrates Court

Assault of a police officer

  • R v V (2012) Hendon Magistrates Court

Client said to have driven with excessive level of alcohol in the system, with the lowest breathalyser reading of 162mg



  • HUNGARY v M Westminster Magistrates' Court

Court persuaded to withdraw European Arrest Warrant issued in connection with human trafficking allegations due to the client’s serious illness.

  • Lithuania v G Westminster Magistrates' Court

A European Arrest Warrant was issued pursuant to convictions of robbery and driving offences. It was successfully discharged on Article 8 grounds (right to family and private life).

  • Romania v C, Westminster Magistrates’ Court

Extradition was sought pursuant to three convictions in 2009 of driving offences and criminal damaged. It was successfully resisted on human rights grounds

  • Moldova v C, Westminster Magistrates' Court

Extradition successfully resisted on the basis that Moldova applied for the incorrect arrest warrant and the fraud offence C was accused of committing was not an offence under English law



  • D v Germany, High Court

Leading case in relation to the new section 12A of the Extradition Act 2003 (“Absence of prosecution decision”). The warrant against the client was successfully discharged on grounds of section 12A, as well as Article 8 (right to family and private life).

  • E v Italy, High Court 

Leading case with respect to Italian prison assurances. Client was requested by Italy following a conviction and sentence for rape.

  • S v Romania, High Court

Successfully discharged an accusation European Arrest Warrant on appeal arguing particularity grounds (a large multinational fraud conspiracy where the client was said to be the leader of the criminal organisation). 



  • R v V, Barkingside Magistrates' Court

Client charged with drink driving where his alcohol content exceeded the sentencing guidelines, suggesting an immediate custodial sentence. Outcome: disqualification and a community order.

  • R v F, Snaresbrook Crown Court

Allegation of intentional dangerous driving where we made a successful half time submission.

  • R v S, Willesden Magistrates' Court

Driving under the influence of alcohol.

  • R v K, Harrow Crown Court

Client charged with causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

  • R v K, Harrow Crown Court

Client charged with dangerous driving and alleged to have driven his car with his partner on top of the bonnet for almost half a mile.

  • R v F, Snaresbrook Crown Court

Client charged with dangerous driving as well as other offences after an allegation that he tried to run into a number of members of the public.

  • R v T, Willesden Magistrates' Court

Allegation of being in charge of a vehicle with alcohol level above the prescribed limit where it was argued that the defendant’s heart medication was a major contributing factor.

  • R v B, Harrow Crown Court

An appeal where the client was charged with failing to provide DVLA with details of driver without reasonable excuse.



  • Upper Second Class Honours in Law from the University of East Anglia
  • Commendation in the Legal Practice Course
  • Police Station Accreditation
  • Qualified Duty Solicitor



  • The Law Society
  • The Young Legal Aid Lawyers



T: 0208 963 1050

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