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Homicide includes murder, attempted murder, manslaughter and corporate manslaughter. Our team are sensitive to the strain these types of offences put an individual and their families and we pride ourselves not only on our expertise in all areas of homicide but also on our sensitivity to the issues at hand.

Murder is the most serious offence in this category and, to be proven, it must be shown that the defendant caused the death of another human whilst also intending to do so or intending to cause serious bodily harm. When a client is charged with murder we put in a high level of client care throughput the police station investigation and the court stage.  Murder cases often involve voluminous evidence, much of which is forensic, and all of which is best considered at the earliest stage possible. 

At Lloyds PR Solicitors we are experienced in this and have represented clients in many complex murder cases, including joint enterprise cases. We carefully advise you on the evidence and defences available

Attempted murder is an inchoate offence requiring that an individual has the intention to kill and that he or she has taken steps towards this which are more than merely preparatory. Our experts have represented and successfully secured acquittals for individual charged with attempted murder.

Manslaughter is less serious than murder and a person charged need not have intended another person’s death. Voluntary manslaughter is when an individual intends to cause serious harm to, but not kill, but causes their death.  Involuntary manslaughter is when one person causes another’s death in the absence of any intention to harm another.

At Lloyds PR Solicitors we understand that the absence of intention can put individuals charged with manslaughter in a very difficult position.  Our team is experienced and well equipped to take you through this process in pursuit of a successful outcome.