- 24th March 2020 -


We would like to notify you that we have made some changes in the way that we operate in reaction to the Covid-19 outbreak:

  • Our offices our now closed and our team members are working remotely from home. We are working with a slightly reduced number of team members owing to the ongoing situation.


  • We are still providing a 24 hour service, and clients can contact us by calling the office numbers or the mobile phone number of their dedicated solicitor. As best as possible it is business as usual, but conducted remotely, except for where physical attendance at Court or police stations is required.


  • We continue to work on all cases as normal and if you currently have a case with us, we will update you routinely on the status of your case. You can assist us by making sure the contact details we hold for you are correct.


  • We shall not be sending letters in the post except to clients held in custody and so email is now our preferred way of contacting our clients. Should you have any issue with this please contact your dedicated solicitor.


  • All police stations are currently operational. If you or a loved one are arrested and you would like for Lloyds PR Solicitors to represent you, the normal procedure applies and you simply have to tell the Sergeant that you would like for Lloyds PR Solicitors to represent you. Our team members continue to attend police stations 24 hours a day.


  • Magistrates’ Courts are operating in London on a priority basis only. Only the most urgent cases, custody cases or trials where a defendant is held in custody are continuing. The following London Magistrates’ Courts are closed:


Ealing, Bexley, Romford, City of London, Stratford, Hendon, Lavender Hill

  • Most Crown Court buildings are still operational but on a limited basis. Some have chosen to close. Those that remain open are hearing priority cases by telephone or video-link. Barristers have been advised not to attend Court in person except in the most exceptional of cases.


  • If you have an upcoming hearing then you should contact us the night before to find out if it is going ahead, and whether your attendance is required. It is very unlikely that any new Crown Court trials will begin over the next 8 weeks.


  • If you or your loved one is remanded into prison pending trial, and we are unable to facilitate a visit we shall update that person in writing. The Court is being sympathetic towards the difficulties we are having visiting those who are on remand and it is very likely that the trial date will be pushed back by the Court. Where a video-link option is available we shall try to use it.


  • If you or someone you live with is showing any symptoms of Covid-19 then you should not attend Court. You should instead follow Government advice and stay at home in self-isolation for 14 days. Please call or email us and we shall attend Court on your behalf, in your absence, and inform the Court.

We are encouraging all clients and members of our team to follow the most up to date Government advice regarding regular hand washing, good hygiene practises and social distancing. Our team members will not be shaking any hands at this time, and will try to avoid physically handing documents between people. Where a document can be scanned and emailed this shall be done instead.