Dharmendra is a practising barrister at Lloyds PR Solicitors. 

Before coming to the Bar, Dharmendra assisted in the preparation of many complex crown court trials alleging serious violence and fraud.

Dharmendra has developed a busy practice instructed in cases of seriousness beyond his call. He has experience in a broad spectrum of serious criminal cases, with a focus on financial crime, serious organised crime and confiscation proceedings. He offers a proven record of hard work, meticulous preparation and, persuasive and thoughtful advocacy.





  • Op Rakuyou [2016] – Southwark Crown Court

Led Junior to Brenda Campbell (Garden Court). Allegations of conspiracy to traffick women into/within the UK for the purposes of sexual exploitation; and conspiracy to launder the proceeds of criminal activity. The defendant was first on the indictment, which was laid against 9 defendants in total. The lack of investigation or adequate disclosure forced the Crown to drop all trafficking counts.


  • Op Dryad [2016] – Chelmsford Crown Court

Led Junior to Marguerite Russell (Garden Court). Three-month trial, involving allegations of historic rape, sexual exploitation, and conspiracy to supply Class A Drugs concerning three young females. Defendant acquitted.



  • R v SS [2017] Harrow Crown Court

Allegations of money laundering against a daughter said to have stolen and laundered the proceeds of her father’s estate valued at £180,000.  Required careful and thoughtful cross-examination of an elderly and profoundly deaf complainant. Defendant acquitted of all charges at half-time.

  • Op Fireball [2016] – Central Criminal Court.

Multi-handed conspiracy to launder the proceeds of a large-scale internet shopping fraud valued at £450,000. This case involved complex financial evidence running to many thousands of pages.

  • Op Arad [2016] – Harrow Crown Court

Junior alone. Large scale Internet Shopping Fraud valued at more than £1 million.

Represented the first defendant, responsible for organising the removal of the illicit funds and managing account openers (money mules). The Crown relied extensively upon telephone evidence.

  • R v DT [2016] – Kingston Crown Court

Three-day Newton Hearing in a case involving the opening of several false bank accounts to receive and transfer large sums of criminal cash, namely £260,000. Successfully limited the defendant’s role and value of the laundered sums. After hearing submissions, the learned judge was persuaded to pass a 12 months’ suspended sentence on a wholly exceptional basis.

  • Op Arizona [2015] – Blackfriars Crown Court

Allegations of mandate fraud and money laundering. The Crown’s case involved the service of raw telephone data, along with cell site evidence and call frequency charts.

  • R –v- CM [2015] – Blackfriars Crown Court

A multi-handed three-week trial alleging a fraud perpetrated against the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and Driving Standards Agency (DSA).




  • Op Veneer [2015 – 2017]- Southwark Crown Court

Led Junior to Dexter Dias QC. A multi-handed money laundering case which concerned the running of a money service business alleged to have been involved in a £150 million fraud. Following careful analysis, the benefit figure was reduced by over half. Investigated by HMRC.

  • R v MS [2015] Central Criminal Court

Cash Forfeiture appeal heard at the Central Criminal Court. Overturned a decision of the lower court in relation to a cash sum of more than £300,000.




R v DP [2017] – St Albans Crown Court

Defendant caught with a large quantity of class A drugs, indicative of street dealing. Successfully argued he should be placed in ‘Lesser Role’ whereby he received a sentence of 15 months’ imprisonment.

R v GO [2016] – Isleworth Crown Court

An undercover operation involving the street dealing of Class A drugs over several days.

R –v- LL [2015] – Harrow Crown Court

Successfully negotiated an accepted Basis of Plea for a Defendant accused of Possession with Intent to Supply Class B Drugs. Sentenced to a Community Order based on social supply only. 




  • OP Castrum [2016] – St Albans Crown Court

Junior Alone. Multi-handed, two-week trial alleging a conspiracy to burgle houses and possession of firearm/imitation firearm. The Crown relied extensively upon CCTV, forensic, telephone, ANPR evidence. The total value of the loss was £115,000. Defendant acquitted of the firearm count at half-time.

  • R v AT [2016] – Kingston Crown Court

Five day contested trial with two defendants who worked for Yodel, accused of stealing packages and selling them online.

  • R v IM [2016] – Luton Crown Court

Theft from employer. Eight day contested trial involving a defendant accused of stealing high-value jewellery from his employer. 




R v PF [2016] – Snaresbrook Crown Court

Five-day trial involving an affray where the defendant was said to have threatened two people with a knife. Defendant acquitted of the more serious offence involving the knife.

R v CB [2016] – Harrow Crown Court

Affray within a dwelling. Four-day trial.

R –v- AN [2015] – St Albans Crown Court

Defendant accused of multiple sexual assaults on young, vulnerable females. Mitigation was advanced on the Defendant’s behalf, and sentenced to a community order.





  • R –v- MR [2015] – Harrow Crown Court

Represented a Defendant accused of perverting the course of justice, by telling lies to the police regarding a knife-point carjacking resulting in the wrongful arrest and detention of an innocent third party. Following a plea of guilty, mitigation was advanced seeking to distinguish the decided authorities after which the learned judge was persuaded to find an exceptional course to suspend the sentence, remarking that the submissions of counsel caused him ‘change his mind’.

  • R –v- CL [2015] – Snaresbrook Crown Court – Appeal against conviction

Successfully argued against the admissibility of a 999 Call under the Res Gestae principles. The Crown subsequently offered no evidence and the case was dismissed. 




  • R v EB [2017] Willesden Magistrates’ Court

Privately instructed to represent a defendant accused of assaulting a minor. After two days of trial involving the careful cross examination of two minors, the Defendant was acquitted.

  • R –v- AM [2015] – Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court

Successfully argued to exclude comments made by a Defendant prior to his arrest, resulting in the defendant’s acquittal.


  • R v BM [2015] – Chelmsford Magistrates Court

Successfully argued to dismiss the case on the basis of identification evidence.


  • R –v- SS [2015] – Ealing Magistrates’ Court

Represented a Defendant accused of common assault. Successfully argued against the admissibility of recent complaint evidence under the Res Gestae principles. The Crown offered no evidence and the case against the Defendant was dismissed.



Dharmendra studied a 4 year LL.B (Hons) European Law with Spanish degree during 2005 – 2009 at Coventry University. During 2007-2008, he also studied Spanish Domestic Law at La Universidad de Jaime 1 in Spain. Upon completion of his degree, he went on to study for the Bar Vocational Course at the College of Law, London, and was subsequently called to the Bar in November 2010.


He has acted as advocate for Immigration detainees at the First-Tier Asylum and Immigration Tribunal and has represented individuals at the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal. He has interned at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law and was chosen to represent the Inner Temple at the ‘Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot’ in Hungary.

  • 2009 – LL.B (Hons) European Law with Spanish (4 years) – 2:1
  • 2010 – Bar Vocational Course – The College of Law – Very Competent
  • 2010 – Call to the Bar – The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple



  • The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple
  • The General Council of the Bar (England and Wales)



Fluent in Spanish



T: 0208 963 1050

F: 0208 963 1975

E: dharmendra@lloydspr.com